Cruises In Cyprus

Several short cruises start from Cyprus and travel, usually hold two to five days in large and comfortable ships. You can book your cruise through a travel agent after you look in their prospectuses. There are short cruises to various destinations around the island to sail from all the marinas.

Because of the location, the most eastern edge of the Mediterranean, Cyprus, is the place from which boats can be launched to explore other countries in the region.

The trip is done through large and comfortable cruise ships and offers full board at very reasonable prices including entertainment and a room to stay and sleep. So you will not need to book any hotels. Cruises last from two to five days, leaving early in the afternoon or evening and the trip lasts all night as you sleep.

Most international cruises include Cyprus also in their tracks stopping mainly at the ports of Limassol and Larnaca. A wide variety of attractions located close to ports and passengers can give them the chance to visit them.

Have a nice trip!!