Cyprus Is The Jewel Of The Eastern Mediterranean

Cyprus is an ancient place with rich history, great culture and blessed with excellent climate and natural environment.

The island is known as the island of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, which according to legend, was born here. The island lies at the crossroads of three continents and many different cultures. Cyprus is suitable for all kinds of trips throughout the year, and offers the visitor every kind of activity of water sports and stay in luxurious hotels.

The main economic activities of the island are tourism, exports of handicraft items, clothing and shipping. The handcrafted items include embroidery, bronze and ceramics.


Nicosia is a city alive with a rich history that unfolds in an extremely interesting monuments and museums. Is familiar for its night life. Downtown you'll find dozens of bars and cafe, large shopping malls, restaurants and mezedopolia. A walk in the old town will give you a taste of how the city was a few decades ago.


Limassol is the most important commercial and industrial centers of Cyprus. Known for its wine but also its cultural drastiiriotites years. Visitors will find dozens of archaeological sites, museums and Byzantine churches. The passage of the ancient Greeks, Franks and Byzantines has left its mark on the city.

The tourist development of the city was rapid from 1974 onwards, when the Turks occupied Kyrenia and Famagusta, which until then were the two main tourist areas of Cyprus. Just outside Limassol you will find exceptional beaches ideal for sunbathing and swimming.


Larnaca is a city inhabited continuously since ancient times and is the main gateway to the country. The Larnaca International Airport is also the only currently operating in Cyprus after the capture of the airport of Nicosia by the Turks in '74.

When you visit Larnaca not forget to visit the lovely church of St. Lazarus, and take a stroll on the coastal road with beautiful Phoenix. Next to the city will find the magnificent salt marsh, a sanctuary for flamingos and other kinds of birds. Something else remarkable to visit is Tekes Hala Sultan Mosque, a monument dedicated to the memory of the aunt of Prophet Muhammad. Finally a visit to the church Angeloktisti is necessary to admire the famous mosaics.


Paphos is the most graphical town in Cyprus. According to tradition, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty was born near Paphos shores. Mosaics, ancient tombs, catacombs and churches are just some of the city attractions.

Most Important Views: District Archaeological Museum, Byzantine Museum, Fort Middle Ages, Tafoi of Vassilewn, Mosaics of Paphos, Forty Kolones, Petra tou Romiou, Agios Neofytos Church, The church of Chrysorrogiatissa.

The special cuisine of Cyprus will excite you with its traditional dishes and meze.

Some Traditional Cypriot Food:
Pourekia tis anaris