Reasons for a Holiday in Cyprus

There are much more reasons why to spend your holidays in Cyprus besides the island’s fine beaches, white sand and the sunny weather. Cyprus is a wonderful island, blessed by Aphrodite the goodness of beauty and love as the Greek mythology suggests.
Cypriot people are very welcoming, friendly and hospitable as a population with a great respect for foreigners and tourists. Cyprus is characterized by its relaxing atmosphere especially on the country side and the island’s warm weather. The food in Cyprus is fabulous as the Mediterranean kitchen is worldwide known for its excellent taste and marvelous flavors. Additionally, there is a enormous amount of Cypriot traditional restaurants that locals call them ‘Taverns’ can offer to you, friends and family some memorable time where all the family and friends can enjoy their meals and have some fun on the dancing floor with traditional music. Furthermore, in Cyprus there are many hidden churches and mountain villages that are protected by UNESCO that are wonderful places to visit.

To help you plan your holidays in Cyprus, we provide you a small list of tips that can be proved vital for your dreamed holidays.

Cypriot Beaches: The Island is worldwide well known for its gorgeous white sand beaches in Protaras and Ayia Napa as well as the beautiful beaches in Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca that you can find everything from deserted coves to lively summer holiday resorts. In addition, in most of the Cypriot beaches you tourist as well as locals can find water sports facilities, public toilets, mini kiosks from where you can get your drinks or some snacks. Usually restaurants or cafes and bars are also situate on Cypriot beaches where you can enjoy traditional plates, fresh fish or even fast food where bars locate in Ayia Napa’s beaches usually have beach parties during the summer.

Cypriot Nightlife: The Island is also famed about its nightlife. Dance the night in one of the many trendy clubs in the town of your choice, where the summer you can find bars and clubs on beachfront promenades in Ayia Napa, Limassol and Larnaca. There are also many Greek Cypriot traditional taverns where tourist as well as locals can enjoy their meals and dance with Greek traditional music.

The Cypriot Shopping market: Big malls can be found in the cities of Limassol and Nicosia that are newly built according to European standards, including cinemas, cafes and restaurants. Famous designer boutiques can be found in Nicosia and Limassol. However small shops are can also be found (including well known brand shops) in Lidras and Macariou in Nicosia, in Anexartisias Street in Limassol, and at the city center of Papho’s and Larnca’s. Traditional markets that locals call them ‘Pantopoulia’ in all cities are worth to see with the most famous in the Limassol and Papho. Independent souvenir shops can be found all around Cyprus from where tourists can buy their memos or small gifts.

Cypriot Food: The Cypriot traditional gastronomy is delightful! Try the traditional Cypriot ‘meze’, the delicious kleftiko (lamb meat slowly oven cooked in the cupriot traditional cookers), the Cypriot koupepia (stuffed vine leaves with rice with or with out meat), grilled halloumi cheese, but you can leave the island with out trying some of the Cypriot tasty tava (meat particularly cooked with potatoes in the oven). Fresh fish can be found in almost all fish taverns in Cyprus from where you can chose your desire type of fish or you can try out the ‘fish meze’ that includes a variety of fish types, starters (tarama, tahini, traditional salad are some of them) and chips, usually and as the locals suggest, a really good combination is fresh sea food accompanying with Ouzo or some dry white wine

Cypriot Wine: Cyprus has a big tradition on wines. There are many families that for generations are in the wine business, promises the bests products, and their wines are well known locally and internationally. Therefore, a drive to Troodos Mountains or Omodos village to taste the local white, red and rose wines at the families-run wineries will be wonderful experience and a pleasant road drive, or you can also visit the Wine Museum located just outside of Limassol.
Cypriot Art and Artists: a drive to Larnaca or Limassol to watch local artisans at their working environment while producing crafts such as ceramics and tiles while in some more specialized workshops you can also watch the design and creation of handmade jewellery. Lefkara is a very famous village in Cyprus that hand crafted lace is available to buy as well as watch the ladies while creating them.

Cypriot Cities: Visit Nicosia, the last remain divided capital in Europe and see the ‘Nicosia’s Walls’ at Ledras Street and visit the Nicosia’s ‘Laiki Geitonia’, a place that remained untouched and traditional for many years now, and have your coffee in ‘kafeneon’ traditional coffee shops. Richard’s the Lionheart’s Crusader castle is located in the Limassol city You'll find Richard the Lionheart's Crusader castle in Colossi village in Limassol and the Paphos castle at the harbor of the city. Shopping and museums are situate in all Cypriot towns.
Cypriot History: With more than 10,000 years of history, ancient tombs, Venetian walls, Roman mosaics and Crusader castles are ‘decorating’ the Island and testament the island’s great history. In Nicosia, the Green Line a reminder of Cyprus political past, separating the Greek south Cypriot area from the Turkish north is now open to tourist.

Cypriot Touring: In Cyprus drivers drive on the left hand side of the road so if you are not familiar with this be really careful when you crossing. The Cypriot roads are very easy and you can navigate in the island with out getting lost just with a pocket map, where car rental prices in Cyprus are on reasonable prices and very easy to arrange with your travel agent, by asking at the resorts reception or as an individual. Small scooters are also available for rentals for individuals that completed the 17th year of their life.

Holidays in Cyprus is one of the most famous destinations for Europeans as the island is characterized by its warm weather, lively nightlife, tradition, good food and the Cypriots hospitality.