Activities for Family

Activities for Family Outdoor In Cyprus With wonderful forest parks, extraordinary bird-watching, fantastic picnic and camping sites and exciting theme and water parks, Cyprus offers range of choices for families to enjoy their holidays with great outdoors activities.

Cruises In Cyprus

Cruises In Cyprus Several short cruises start from Cyprus and travel, usually hold two to five days in large and comfortable ships. You can book your cruise through a travel agent after you look in their prospectuses.

Reasons for a Holiday

Reasons for a Holiday in Cyprus There are much more reasons why to spend your holidays in Cyprus besides the island’s fine beaches, white sand and the sunny weather. Cyprus is a wonderful island, blessed by Aphrodite the goodness of beauty and love as the Greek mythology suggests.

Finding your Way

Finding your Way around Cyprus One of the great things about the island of Cyprus is that the possibility of getting lost is practically impossible unless you really try to get lost. It is a great idea to learn a little about the island before you arrive to enable you to gain more from your holiday and maybe even learn some new things too.

Jewel of Mediterranean

Cyprus Is The Jewel Of The Eastern Mediterranean Cyprus is an ancient place with rich history, great culture and blessed with excellent climate and natural environment. The island is known as the island of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, which according to legend, was born here.